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Addressing Freshman 15 and Food Insecurity

The Challenge: Freshman 15

College life is an exciting journey of growth, but it often presents unique dietary challenges. The infamous 'Freshman 15' is a reality for many, not a myth. The demanding pace of college leaves little time for students to cook their own nutritious meals. Those lacking culinary skills or without access to adequate kitchen facilities often resort to unhealthy, readily available options like fast food and processed snacks. These high-calorie, low-nutrition alternatives impact students' physical health and academic performance by negatively affecting concentration and memory.


The Greater Issue: Food Insecurity

More troubling is the issue of food insecurity, affecting a staggering 40% of college students. This isn't just about the lack of affordable, nutritious food, but also the struggle to find meals respecting diverse cultural preferences. Students from low-income backgrounds or those self-funding their education often end up skipping meals or relying on unhealthy, inexpensive options. Similarly, students from various cultural backgrounds face challenges in finding food that aligns with their preferences, adding unnecessary stress to their college life and negatively impacting their overall well-being and academic success. 

Our Solution: EDU EATZ

But there is hope. A solution exists that not only addresses the 'Freshman 15' and food insecurity, but also respects diverse cultural preferences and suits the busy schedules of college students. That solution is EDU EATZ.

Join the EDU EATZ Revolution Now!!
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